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Team Members:

Francesco Mondada

Francesco is Principal Investigator.

Rob Mills

Rob is Scientific Lead.

Rafael Barmak

Rafael is Doctoral Assistant.

Matthieu Broisin

Matthieu is Doctoral Assistant.

The MOBOTS group of the Biorobotics Lab, of EPFL, is an internationally renowned research unit in the field of robotic system design. It has a large experience in the compact design of mobile and educational robots.  Among recent results are robots for education, equipping thousands of schools, and autonomous robots interacting with zebrafish. MOBOTS has also previously developed robots that interact with other animals including cockroaches and chickens. Their central role in HIVEOPOLIS is to design the robotics parts of the hive and to ensure interactions between the robotics and both bees and other system interfaces. 


Contact person: Prof. Francesco Mondada, MOBOTS – BioROb – IBI – EPFL, Station 9, CH-1015 Lausanne, +41 21 693 73 57.