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The Artificial Life Lab of the University of Graz assembles researchers of various kinds of expertise ranging from programming to developing and constructing experimental setups, architecture and design, behavioural ecology, and honey bee biology. In the past, behavioural patterns of honey bees and fish have been implemented into groups of robots, and the communication of honey bees with fish was enabled via programming and technology. In this new project, HIVEOPOLIS, our aim is not to transfer behaviour from bees to robots but, for example, to communicate from robots to bees and to enable honey bee colonies to communicate with each other in order to strengthen them and to support their wellbeing.

Team Members:

Thomas Schmickl

Thomas Schmickl

Thomas is the Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator.

Martina Szopek

Martina is a PhD student.

Asya Ilgün

Asya is a PhD student.

Daniel Hofstadler

Daniel is a PhD student.

 Jutta Vollmann

Jutta is a PhD student and a beekeeper.

Matthias Becher

Matthias is a Senior PostDoc.

Sarah Schönwetter

Sarah is a student.

Martin Kärcher

Martin is a Senior Postdoc.

Stefan Schönwetter

Stefan is a student.

Martin Stefanec

Martin is a PhD student.

Contact Person: Prof.  Thomas Schmickl, The Artificial Life Lab of the University of Graz, Graz, Austria,+43 316 380 8759.