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VIPs interested in HIVEOPOLIS

In several events, we exhibit our scientific work and developments to the general public, or to educate children. In these occasions, prominent VIPs inform themselves about our work and participate in the dissemination of project results. For example, the four-times F1-champion Sebastian Vettel is always interested in our approach to develop technology that supports ecosystems, like here in one of several “BioBienenApfel” Events in Spielberg, Austria. 

Sebastian Vettel​

Showcasing the “core” or the Hiveopolis hive at an educational event at Spielberg, Austria.

Sebastian Vettel​

Discussing 3D-printed and mushroom-grown beehives at an event in Munich, Germany.

Sebastian Vettel​

With the courtyard-bee actuator of the project RoboRoyale at an event in Vienna, Austria.

Sebastian Vettel​

Exploring the inner core of the Hiveopolis hive that is essential for the techno-enhanced hive.

O. Karas & K. Hohensinner

Otmar Karas and Katrin Hohensinner at a lab visit at our university facilities in Graz, Austria.

Otmar Karas

The vice-president of the European parliament & the RoboRoyale actuator in Vienna, Austria.

Iliana Ivanova

The EU commissioner for Innivation & Research with the final digital honeybee comb.

Iliana Ivanova

The EU commissioner informs herself in detail about the innovations of Hiveopolis


The core team of Frutura visits our lab and watches an experiment in the ASSISIbf arena.


Manfred Hohenesinner and the Frutura core team visits our honeybee field lab.

Franco Foda

The successful Austrian national team coach and CL player with the digital brood comb.

Lizz Görgel

The world champion and olympic champion in skiing inspects the RoboRoyale actuator.

Dominic Thiem

The tennis-ace investigates the inner contents (technologies) of a Hiveopolis hive.

Manfred Hohensinner

With a prototype of the digital honeybee comb that can support brood and the winter cluster.

Mario Barth

The tattoo artist from Las Vegas is interested in how a "digital honeybee comb" works.

Andreas Gablier

With an early prototype of the digital honeybee comb in a wooden frame.

Lizz Görgel

The ski-ace is interested in the potentials of technology for ecosystem support.

Lisa Marie Schiffner

Austrais #1 social media content creator inspects a prototype of the RoboRoyale robot.

Lisa Marie Schiffner

We had an extensive chat about technology and honeybees.

Andreas Döllerer

The international chef informs himself on various Hiveopolis technologies.

Franko Foda

The national soccer coach is interested in Hiveopolis and RoboRoyale technology.